In an effort to minimize disruption of routine work and commitments and since the future vis a vis Covid-19 is full of uncertainties, we are offering the following services with immediate effect.

  1. Online / Tele Consultation
  2. Consultation/House visits
    (General physician, Family Physician and Consultants)
  3. Stress management (For individuals and families).
  4. Occupation health medical examinations
  5. Free home collection of lab specimen
  6. Home Electrocardiogram
  7. Home application of an Automated Ambulatory BP Monitor
  8. Pre & Post-travel COVID-19 Screening / Post Travel Risk Assessment
  9. Assistance at Airport
  10. Vaccinations
  11. Field Services
    1. Onsite Periodic Medicals including General Physical Exam.
      Blood Test | ECG | Audiometry / Hearing Test | EYE Testing