We are actively involved in the provision of personalized and professional care in coordination / arrangement for hospitalizations and all in-patient services and referrals, escorted by a doctor or nurse wherever needed or demanded.

We have a credit working relationship with major hospitals of Pakistan by providing guarantee of payments, and on spot cashless medical services, thus reducing the hassle for our valuable patients.

We keep a close follow up on our patients and a liaison with the treating specialists, thus ensuring the delivery of foolproof medical care to all our inpatient cases.

Furthermore we arrange, manage and monitor referrals to international hospitals worldwide.

Dr. Arshad Health Associates is engaged in the provision of high quality and convenient field health care services since the past over 30 years and are the pioneers of such services in Pakistan. The services are increasingly shaped around the needs and preferences of individual companies. We specialize in dealing with the corporate sector, Oil & Gas sector, and different multinationals especially remote site provisions and understand the specialized medical and healthcare needs that this community has. We provide highly personalized, one window medical solutions, engaged in satisfying the needs of multifaceted individuals of national origin and a large number of expatriates across the globe.

  • Provision of Oil and Gas UK appointed Examining Physicians
  • Conducting fitness to work medical examinations, since we are experienced in conducting such medicals of employees belonging to various occupations and back grounds at field sites.
  • Representing International SOS (World’s largest emergency assistance company), AEA Company and International Assistance Group in Pakistan, thus actively involved in arranging and managing international medical evacuations to anywhere in the world.
  • Members of Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association (COHPA)
  • To provide and endeavor to those standards of Occupational Health, Hygiene and Safety that are at par with international standards and best practices that we bring along with us.
  • Engaged in manning and equipping field clinics, providing ambulances and medical crew at field locations of various companies.

Dr. Arshad Health Associates offers comprehensive pathology services, with a fully equipped in house clinical laboratory for our valued patients, may it be employment related healthcare or for individuals. This laboratory has the provision to conduct most of the investigation tests and screenings that are available in Pakistan. State of the art equipment is being used, with strict quality control measures that completely minimize chances of false reports. Furthermore, our phlebotomists extend the facility of sample collection on site at various locations, may it be offices/workplaces or the comfort of the patient’s home. Management of the laboratory records and reports is fully computerized with customized purpose built Laboratory Management Information System software. Reports are available both, in hard copy format and soft copy format that can be delivered through the e-mail. We make sure that the results are made ready in the minimal possible time, thus slashing down waiting periods. Periodic servicing and calibration of all electro-medical equipment is being undertaken routinely.

We all know that ‘prevention is better than cure’. This is where we come into the picture by recognizing the importance and need for preventive healthcare. More and more men and women are recognizing the importance of an annual health check to pick up indications of any problems at the earliest.

The Executive Medical Examination provides a comprehensive health assessment, which is more searching than any other screening programme. It emphasizes on the early detection of health problems as well as maintenance of health. It gives you an opportunity to ask about any health worries you may have.

We offer comprehensive checkups within a convenient range of time. Each organ and body system is screened closely to detect even the smallest sign or symptom that could be an indication for any disease. In addition, the check also identifies the reason for minor ailments, which are constant irritants. It also serves as a personal medical record for future reference. Once the check up is completed, if treatment is required, it can begin without delay.

Reports are then finalized and sent to the respective individual or can be collected from our health unit. Our approach combines Eastern philosophy with Western technology, integrating conventional medicine, bio identical hormone therapies and practical recommendations to follow and in the long run maintain a healthy lifestyle.

History and Physical Examination
A comprehensive clinical history is required first by filling in our detailed medical questionnaire, which also includes the immunization history, which is followed by a detailed sitting with our highly qualified specialists.
Physical examination including Eye and ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)
A general physical exam will be carried out by our specialists following the medical history, mainly including the following:-
• Vital signs such as pulse, BP, temperature and Respiratory rate will be recorded.
• Basic bio-metrics such as height and weight will also be measured.
• Complete Vision Testing, comprising of Near Vision, Distant Vision and Colour Vision
• Thorough Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Examination
• The doctor will also proceed through a range of possible examinations on various systems of your body.
• Breast examination will be done on females above 30 years of age by a female specialist.
Investigations included in the medical checkup:-

DNA testing is a powerful tool for identification and has many practical applications. Common uses include: Parental testing – to establish if someone is the biological parent of a child. Forensic testing – to help identify suspects or victims in a criminal investigation

Medical evacuation is a timely and efficient movement en route provided by medical personnel to the injured patients or to the patients suffering from any serious medical illness using medically equipped ground ambulances or air crafts (Air Ambulances).

We are the pioneers and one of the only few medical service providers of the country actively engaged in assisting, coordinating and arranging overseas & inland air evacuation of casualties, engaged in national and international medevacs. After all, we are in the business of saving lives.

We transfer patients from any location to a medical facility or from one medical facility to another by medical personnel to any part of the world.

Evacuations are arranged on normal chartered flights, as well as on special air ambulances. We also arrange, coordinate and assist appointments and hospitalizations with hospitals overseas. Our doctors and paramedics are cleared for access to all security areas, on all airports throughout Pakistan.

The SOPs for medical evacuations are fully in place, ensuring smooth procedures and to avoid unnecessary delays.

Pakistan has a large population of expatriates. This community has specialized medical and healthcare needs. We completely understand the need for personalized care and attendance to the expatriate community mostly comprising of diplomats and others.

We are engaged in providing healthcare services to them, fulfilling all their healthcare requirements and providing them with customized one window solutions.

Our Specialists are highly experienced in dealing with expats since over the past three decades. The cultural and psychological vacuum and discrepancy is understood and addressed to with utmost care. We ensure that the patient feels absolutely safe, reassured and comfortable. This is vital for accurate diagnosis, early recoveries and resumption to good health.

Immunization services at Dr. Arshad Health Associates:

  1. We provide comprehensive adult, child and traveler immunization services at our medical facilities on a walk in basis and appointments.
  2. We maintain an in-house stock of almost all of the available immunizations and vaccines in Pakistan which include the following:
    • Diphtheria
    • Pertussis
    • Tetanus
    • Polio
    • Chicken Pox
    • BCG
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis A
    • Typhoid
    • Cholera
    • Measles, Mumps & Rubella
    • Influenza (Seasonal Flu)
    • Meningitis (ACWY strain)
    • Haemophillus Influenza Type B
    • Rabies
  3. All vaccination records are maintained with us and International vaccination certificates provided to all the patients.
  4. Especially for our corporate clients, we arrange a convenient and affordable solution at their door step with the provision of On Site Mass Vaccinations

First Aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury. It is usually performed by a lay to a sick or injured casualty until definitive medical treatment can be accessed. Certain self-limiting illnesses or minor injuries may not require further medical care past the first aid intervention. It generally consists of a series of simple and, in some cases, potentially life-saving techniques that an individual can be trained to perform with minimal equipment.

We are a leading provider of first aid training, offering approved and internationally certified courses for a broad range of clients from diplomatic missions and large companies to small businesses, community groups, sports and leisure centres, schools, nursery schools, play schemes, parents and individuals. This training is provided on site as well as at our locations.

We are providing such training since years and all our trainers and assessors are professionally qualified and highly experienced medical professionals.

Our training programmes are carefully designed to equip first aid trainees with the skills, knowledge and confidence to administer first aid effectively and appropriately whatever the circumstances.

Following are the various categories of First Aid and CPR training we provide:-

  • Basic First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Basic Life Support and CPR
  • First Aid and Trauma Life Support
  • Training for First Aid Boxes

Training are also exclusively customized depending on our clients’ requirements.

Understanding all the needs of the community we provide wide ranges of Psychiatric support and services designed to meet the individual needs of the patients we serve. All this is provided at our facility in addition to the Provision of Counseling Services, Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology and Clinical Psychologist’s opinion. This requires team work and special emphasis on the understanding and imperativeness of confidentiality.

Treatment Options

  • Psychiatrist’s consultation
  • Individual counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Family counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Psychological testing
  • Medication management
  • A program providing a structured intensive treatment for Eating Disorder.
  • Programs for treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse conditions.
  • Child/ Adolescent intensive outpatient treatment for both mental health and Substance abuse disorder.


We provide a wide range of medical examinations and screenings to the VISA APPLICANTS AND LOCAL EMPLOYEES of the embassies and diplomatic missions.

For the Visa Applicants

  • Pre departure medical examinations and screenings for visa, immigration and work permit
  • Age Determination Tests
  • DNA Samplings
  • Visa for medical treatment- Certifying weather or not treatment is possible in Pakistan
  • Verifying medical leave certificates for overseas Pakistanis- for extending their stay in their home country

For the Employees

  • Complete clinical care solutions for the local employees of the embassies
  • A range of per-placement/periodic medical examinations depending on the mission’s specific health requirements and policies
  • Administering on site mass vaccinations
  • Providing medical cover for mission’s events

After completion of the examination, medical reports, UNDER CONFIDENTIAL COVER are sent to the respective embassy/diplomatic mission. A fast turn around time of the reports in ensured.

Concept of health care facilities for school children is getting due attention. In this respect we offer the following health services to schools:

  • Pre-entry medical examination, especially focusing on ophthalmologist assessment
  • Immunizations -arranging in school premises and providing immunization cards
  • Notification of outbreaks of communicable diseases
  • Periodic health evaluations of children
  • Educating children in basic hygiene, first-aid and healthy eating habits
  • Providing first aid training to school teachers and staff
  • Setting up, equipping and running school clinics, with the provision of doctors (male/female) and nurses

Our team of dedicated physicians and therapists provide therapy to adults and children with disabling conditions and diseases. We work to improve the patient’s overall health, functional performance and participation in every-day activities. We help patients set and meet their own goals and reach their maximum level of functionality through various therapeutic evaluations and treatment techniques.

Our goal is to help patients regain their independence by overcoming an injury or illness. Our result-oriented approach gives patients personalized care, education, and training for improved functioning. The comprehensive injury management program helps prevent injuries, evaluates and trains employees, and safely returns injured employees back to work.


Our physiotherapists are dedicated to provide home based services, especially for those who have difficulties in getting out or feel more comfortable in their own home, at patient’s choice. Home visits are arranged at the time of the patient’s choice. Treatment is tailored according to our patient’s need. Sessions are made effective, helpful and enjoyable.

Qualitative Assessment (Breath Sampling)

This involves assessments for Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylenes (BTEX) and Butoxyethanol and has the advantage that all can be analyzed in the same sample. The mechanism is such that the end-tidal volume of air is captured which is transferred into a stainless steel tube packed with adsorbent material. Once sealed, sample remains stable at room temperature. Breath samples are analyzed by thermal desorption with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. This type of assessment is appropriate for assessing whether there is an exposure issue or not- if there is one, then more quantitative samplings are available targeting the substance(s) of concern.

Quantitative Assessment (Urine Sampling)

This is a quantitative method of assessing exposures to benzene, ethyl benzene, toluene, Butoxyethanol , and xylenes through urine analysis. The techniques used vary depending on the analyte (s). On assessments exact quantification of exposure(s) is accurately assessed and controls are implemented, adjusted and or modified for risk mitigation to minimize or remove any potential health risks.

Keeping view of the extent of poverty prevalent in the society and paucity of quality medical services, we aim to provide free medical services to the less privileged in the community.

Our team of healthcare professionals is actively engaged in providing free medical services to the neighboring community, orphanages and the population of the rural suburbs of Islamabad. Very recently this unit has conducted periodic health checks of the personnel of Model Islamabad Traffic Police, as part of the community build up services.

WATAF PAKISTAN, will team up with Dr. Arshad Khan in completing his Pet project, an elementary school he built in Gandari Village Pakistan.

This school will help kids ages 5-10 years old. World, Africa Technology Aid foundation(WATAF) will help put the pieces together by provided computers and book to the school.

Preschool is a very big step for a small child. It’s a new world full of strange adults and lots of other kids. It might seem like fun to a grown-up – all those new friends to play with, lots of toys, snacks, and best of all, nap time. But to a child it’s mysterious step into the unknown and it’s about as large a step as he’s ever taken.

Why is Education So Important?
Education is a basic human right and a significant factor in the development of children, communities, and countries. Opening classroom doors to all children, especially girls, will help break the inter-generational chains of poverty because education is intrinsically linked to all development goals, such as supporting gender empowerment, improving child health and maternal health, reducing hunger, fighting the spread of HIV and diseases of poverty, spurring economic growth, and building peace.