Pre-Placement and periodic medical examinations and screenings for

  • ALL OCCUPATIONS –from the senior most cadres to the junior most at corporate offices, work locations and fields, including drivers and food handlers.
  • RETURN TO WORK health assessment and advice (Independent Medical Examination)
  • Medical Examinations for Disability Assessments
  • Health examinations at the TERMINATION OF SERVICE
  • Pre-Placements / periodic physical examinations including all types of screenings- and expedited reporting system with minimal waiting time
  • Surprise spot drug and alcohol testing service
  • All medical / health related services to professionals belonging to various types of industries and occupations
  • Health and medical related advisory services and medical services consultancies
  • Complete clinical care solutions for the local employees.
  • A range of per-placement/periodic medical examinations specific health requirements and policies.
  • Administering on site mass vaccinations.

After completion of the examination, medical reports, UNDER CONFIDENTIAL COVER are sent to the respective Company. A fast turn around time of the reports is ensured.