Dr. Arshad Health Associates is engaged in the provision of high quality and convenient field health care services since the past over 30 years and are the pioneers of such services in Pakistan. The services are increasingly shaped around the needs and preferences of individual companies. We specialize in dealing with the corporate sector, Oil & Gas sector, and different multinationals especially remote site provisions and understand the specialized medical and healthcare needs that this community has. We provide highly personalized, one window medical solutions, engaged in satisfying the needs of multifaceted individuals of national origin and a large number of expatriates across the globe.

  • Representing Oil and Gas UK in Pakistan for all medical examinations/certifications.
  • Conducting fitness to work medical examinations, since we are experienced in conducting such medicals of employees belonging to various occupations and back grounds at field sites.
  • Representing International SOS (World’s largest emergency assistance company), AEA Company and International Assistance Group in Pakistan, thus actively involved in arranging and managing international medical evacuations to anywhere in the world.
  • Members of Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association (COHPA)
  • Clearance for access to all security areas, on all airports throughout Pakistan- aiding in the air medevac’s – inland or overseas.
  • To provide and endeavor to those standards of Occupational Health, Hygiene and Safety that are at par with international standards and best practices that we bring along with us.
  • Partnerships with the world’s leaders in health care provision.
  • Engaged in manning and equipping field clinics, providing ambulances and medical crew at field locations of various companies.